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Small Business

According to OSHA, “With few exceptions, OSHA now requires employers to pay for personal protective equipment used to comply with OSHA standards.” As you prepare to equip your staff with protective equipment, Boomer Naturals' nano-silver fibers in Boomer Reusable Nano-Silver Face Masks are engineered to help fight bacteria and provide better, more effective protection than regular cloth masks.

Our face masks are comfortable enough for all-day wear, and our premium 65% cotton/35% polyester blend with nano-silver is highly effective at preventing droplets from spreading. With three different layers, our nano-silver infused face masks offer exceptional protection! 

Boomer Naturals was able to fulfill our PPE needs with a quick turnaround. The process was easy and product was delivered on time, allowing us to continue our production seamlessly without worrying about securing scarce PPE equipment. As an essential business, the ability to maintain operations while keeping our employees safe is invaluable. Highly recommended.
Roger Buddig, EVP of Operations
Carl Buddig and Company

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