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Non-sterile Nitrile General Purpose 4.0 mm Gloves (10 Count from $16.00-$14.50/box)

Nitrile gloves offer superior puncture protection. These gloves are 100% latex free, while maintaining memory properties providing tactile handling and superior elasticity.
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Why Boomer Naturals Wholesale Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves Are the Best:

  • Powder-Free

  • FDA Approved

  • Textured

  • Non-Sterile Nitrile 

  • Draw-out type glove with a beaded cuff

  • Ambidextrous - can be worn on either hand

  • Comfortable to wear with high flexibility and tear-resistant 

  • Anti-corrosion and anti-slip 

  • Strong, comfortable and durable

  • Excellent barrier protection when used in a medical or hazardous event.

  • High-level chemical resistance. 

  • 4.0 mm thickness 

  • Protection Level: chemicals, viruses 

Recommended Number of Nitrile Glove Uses

The purpose of disposable exam gloves is to keep you from coming into contact with potentially dangerous substances so we recommend all disposable nitrile gloves are a one time use. 

Where our Nitrile Gloves are made

Boomer Naturals Wholesale Nitrile Gloves are made in Malaysia and are FDA Approved.