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Boomer Anti-Droplet Protective Visor Face Shield (100 count from $4.00-$3.00/unit)

The Boomer Anti-Droplet Protective Visor Face Shield provides excellent protection against potential contamination from sneezing, coughing, airborne pathogens, and harmful chemical splashes.


  • Anti-Fog Cover: The Boomer Anti-Droplet Protective Visor Face Shield comes with an anti-fog coating on both the inside and outside of the shield, providing clear, direct and peripheral vision in all conditions.
  • Maximum Protection: The full-face wraparound design provides complete coverage, including the sides of the face, preventing all contact with eyes, mouth, and nose - keeping a physical barrier between you and all airborne pathogens.
  • Adjustable Head Strap: The elastic headband with adjustable toggle allows for a custom fit, no matter the size of the head and face. Ideal for adults of all sizes.
  • Comfortable and Functional: A face shield must feel comfortable or it won’t get used. Our Anti-Droplet Protective Visor Face Shield comes with an extremely comfortable, skin-friendly, 18mm Forehead Sponge that relieves pressure. It can easily be worn over glasses or goggles.
  • Latex-free, fiberglass-free, distortion-free material is also OSHA-compliant 

Convenient and Portable

Conveniently designed to be comfortably worn for long periods of time, The Boomer Anti-Droplet Protective Visor Face Shield can be worn wherever you go. Whether you’re going shopping, to work, or using public transportation, you can wear this virtually anywhere - and know that you are protected!

Measurements: 14” x 9” (35.5cm x 22.5cm) 


Suggested Cleaning Instructions: 

  • Carefully remove Face Shield, wash and dry hands
  • Obtain non-bleach disinfectant wipe
  • Carefully wipe entire front (outer facing) side of Face Shield with non-bleach, disinfectant wipe, then allow to air dry
  • Turn Face Shield over, carefully wipe inside of shield and adjustable head strap with non-bleach, disinfectant wipe, avoiding the foam forehead sponge, then allow to air dry
  • If Face Shield is streaked or has a cloudy film, clean mask area with soft, lightly-damp (with water) cloth or use an alcohol pad
  • Allow to fully air dry before next use
  • If Face Shield appears damaged or torn, please discard immediately and obtain a replacement


Made in Vietnam.