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Boomer Naturals Wholesale strives to enhance the quality of life every day.

Boomer Naturals Wholesale is part of the Boomer Natural Brand and uses its entrepreneurial mentality to provide personal protective equipment solutions for entire organizations in order to keep them safe at all times.

Boomer Naturals Wholesale is committed to reliably providing quality products to its customers in a timely by utilizing is secure supply chain. Boomer Naturals Wholesale will never sell a product it does not have, and will always provide transparency when it comes to pricing, materials, and lead time.
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Boomer Naturals Wholesale was able to fulfill our PPE needs with a quick turnaround. The process was easy and product was delivered on time, allowing us to continue our production seamlessly without worrying about securing scarce PPE equipment. As an essential business, the ability to maintain operations while keeping our employees safe is invaluable. Highly recommended.
A star
A star
Tom W.
We have strict requirements for Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) that we provide to our employees across the country. The most important criteria when choosing face masks are the functionality (does the mask safely filter air flowing through it while still allowing the user to breath easily and comfortably). If a mask is not comfortable, people either won’t wear it or they will wear it improperly. The Boomer Naturals Wholesale products that we have acquired are comfortable, soft and safe. I am pleased that we are able to provide these superior products to our employees. In addition, dealing with Boomer Naturals Wholesale has been a very pleasant and accommodating experience.
President and CEO TTX Company
Monica V.
I purchased nine of the face masks for my law office staff. They are high quality, are easily laundered, and make a better seal than many of the masks on the market. They work very well and are a superior option when a mask is required.
Google Review | June 2020
David S.
Boomer Naturals Wholesale was able to fulfill our PPE needs with a quick turnaround. The product was delivered on time and allowed me to focus on day to day safety of my workers rather than securing scarce PPE equipment.
Carl Buddig and Company | June 2020
Richard M.
Our staff hasn’t quit talking about the quality, the accessibility for breathing and comfort of the face covers. Thank you for extending our partnership. Boomer Naturals Wholesale you are Fantastic!
Partnership With Native Americans | June 2020

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